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    Corso di laurea magistrale a ciclo unico in Medicina e Chirurgia in lingua inglese Degree course in Medicine and Surgery in English


    Length : 6 years (academic years)
    Group of degrees in Italy: LM-41 - Medicina e Chirurgia
    Place: NAPOLI,
    How to get in: admission tests (national)
    President: prof. Gianpaolo Papaccio




    This degree course is devoted to give the students all the scientific background and the skills needed in order to become a physician; actually the course give the students methods and background for either become physician and researcher in medical sciences. Consequently each student enrolled must acquire several skills including capability to make decisions for patient’s care.

    What we’re preparing:
    Doctor in medicine and Surgery

    To apply knowledge, acquire capabilities to understand and solve problems, also when regarding unexpected and not familiar cases. Capability to solve problems in terms of large and complex fields.
    To get skills in order to be capable to give the best solutions for patient’s care even in cases of complexities integrating knowledge.
    To communicate in a clear way either to patients and their relatives and to colleagues, also specialists in some disciplines, the conclusions and the rationale of the specific care.
    To develop capability to acquire skills in order to keep on studying directly and indirectly.

    All the graduated in Medicine and Surgery will become doctors and will be able to apply for specialties in all the fields of Medicine and Surgery, as well as to practice as physicians and/or researchers.

    Private physician (doctor), employed in the National Health System, employed in private Companies and Hospitals, Public and private Research Companies, Universities.



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