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    Aldo MARRONE

    Insegnamento di AFP INTERNAL MEDICINE

    Corso di laurea magistrale a ciclo unico in MEDICINA E CHIRURGIA

    SSD: MED/09

    CFU: 4,50


    Periodo di Erogazione: Annualità Singola


    Lingua di insegnamento



    Teaching language



    Practical skills for the basic clinical approach to medical and surgical patients. Interpretation of most important lab tests.

    Textbook and course materials

    Videos of clinical examination from the Macleod's Clinical Evaluation or the Cecil Textbook of Medicine

    Course objectives

    Practical activities of the 3rd year of study are meant to acquire essential clinical skills in general internal medicine, general surgery, oncology and hematology. Additional practical clinical activities will be held in the units of dermatology and clinical psychology. Teaching will also include techniques and interpretation of the most important biochemical and immunology laboratory assays.


    Having attended classes and passed Y1 and Y2 exams.
    Practical activities are done at the same time of the formal class teaching, and this implies the strict correlation between the 2 paths. There is no point in attending practicals if not attending classes with countinuity.
    The Practical Skill Evaluation may be attempted only after the Methods in Medicine and Surgery exam has been successfully passed. However, it is advised to attempt PSE once all 3rd year exams have been passed.

    Teaching methods

    Ward round with senior physicians and teachers. On site lab sessions with practical learning on how to do and interpret lab tests.

    Course Syllabus

    By the end of the activities, students will have to acquire the ability to independently perform the basic maneuvers of clinical exam, including: Blood pressure measurement; General clinical exam, gait, decubitus; Clinical history taking (presenting condition); Recognition of major skin conditions, discolorations; Basics of heart, chest, abdomen, neck, arterial pulses, joint, lymph node exam; Basics of labs interpretation.

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